Minibot Dimensions

My team is currently in the final stages of design for our minibot however we our unsure if the minibot can expand during the deployment as our mechinasim requires a small amount of expansion. The question is can the minibot expand at all within a small amount during the match?

I suggest finding the rules related to the Minibot’s volume, and looking for anything that refers to the Minibot’s original size. I was only able to find wording that refers to the Minibot’s maximum size.

I can only find the same. It appears that as long as you fit within the maximum size you should be alright. You can search the official Q&A forums for more answers and if you can’t find anything submit a question.

  • Bryce

Yes I found it under the game rules not the robot rules. Minibot may not exceed 1’ cubed volume. Thanks for your suggestion