Minibot Drive Motor

I’m currently building a minibot and now wondering about power, the neos are a good option as of now but are out of stock. To carry just a simple aluminum frame, a battery, RoboRIO, PDP, and two VictorSPX’s could I use two decimate gearboxes with 4 redline motors?

You can use decimates as a drop in CIM replacement, but I wouldn’t use it as a drivetrain gearbox if that’s what you’re thinking.

You could just use a minicim. It’s a minibot not a full size bot

I’m not sure it’s the best option as they get pretty hot but a team that I know and watched them drive their mini bot uses 3 bag motors on each side and I think they were in a custom 3D printed gearbox. The bot was ridiculously fast but couldn’t run more than a few minutes before the motors needed to cool down.

How mini is mini? And how much running room will you have? And how fast do you want to go? If it’s just going to putt around a 5’ square in your programming nook, you could even use NeveRest motors if you really wanted. Four is pretty standard for most FTC robots, and those get up to 42 pounds.

(Full disclosure, I worked at AndyMark.)

About a foot by a foot. My problem was getting the gearbox in. I have no clue how I could mount it.

We just built what may be similar. We used 4 57 sport planetary gearboxes(Andymark), with mini CIM motors to drive a mechanum Drive base. We used the 3inch hex output shaft upgrade for the 57 sport, and added an additional support bearing on the other side of the drive rail you could probably rearrange it with two planetary gearboxes, and mini CIMs to drive a small tank drive.
P.s. from my experience the andymark planetary gearboxes are much stronger than vex versa planetary gearboxes. I personally would probably not do the same unsupported shaft set up with a versa planetary.

You could use the vex clamping gearboxes. It wouldn’t add too much thickness.

We did an 18"x18" minibot last summer with 2 BAGs. Took about 20 minutes to burn those up - now it has 2 775 pros (one per side) and that seems to be enough power. We’re just running them into a versaplanetary and then belting to the wheels.

4 redlines will be plenty of power, but I don’t recommend you use 2 VictorSPX’s to run 4 redlines.

If that were the case I would be using 4, was using two because I was planning to have two minicims.

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