Minibot Due Date

Is the mini bot due the same day as the robot?:ahh:

If you mean does it have to ship with the robot to your venue, it appears It does not if you have an FTC team bring it. I am not sure if an FRC team brings the Minibot, that it would be acceptable. Need to Q&A FIRST

See blue box at 4.3.15 in the manual. Here is the text:

MINIBOT use is independent of the ROBOT inspection. For example, any FTC team can bring a MINIBOT to an event, get it inspected, and if legal, that MINIBOT can compete with any FRC ROBOT (that has passed ROBOT inspection). There are legal HOSTBOTS and legal MINIBOTS; they are independent of each other regarding inspection.

Any other thoughts on this would be welcome. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The Minibot can be brought to the regional. It won’t count against the Withholding Allowance.

It’s already been Q&A’d.

The blue box you really want to be looking at is the one with <R24>, and you should also look at rule <R33-B>.