Minibot frame

So I was starting to work on a prototype design of a minibot that i thought of the other day, but i just wanted to clarify something. My design includes bending parts of the frame into curves to help reach around he pole. am i allowed to bend the metal frame parts on the Minibot or am I forbidden from altering the FTC parts? Also I know this is being discussed, but has anyone been able to clarify whether or not hinges are allowed? any ideas or suggestions would help as well. thanks everyone!

GDC says machining of “raw material” parts is allowed. I’ll grant that the FTC stuff isn’t raw material, but it’d be incredibly perverse to disallow machining FTC framing, so I say go ahead and bend the heck out of it.

Try to get some welding in too. I tossed it in to see if they’d balk, and they surprised me, so now I want to see some nicely welded minibot frames.

i would weld it if i could, since my design mite also use hinges, but problem is, my team doesnt have access to welding.

It does not appear that the allowed materials list allows COTS hinges, but FTC stock parts and fasteners can make a nice hinge without a problem. The raw materials can also be manufactured into a hinge with a little work. This sounds like a Q&A is needed for a definitive answer.

well i started maching the hinges, and so far, my prototype frame is pretty much in seperate pieces. its gettin there. i mite upload some pics wen its done

GDC ruled on modifying Tetrix parts. Modify away!