Minibot Gearbox

would it be legal to create a gearbox out of polycarbonate gears for the minibot? And how can I calculate the gear ratios for maximum efficiency for the TETRIX motors?

It would be legal to make gears out of polycarb. However, keep in mind that unless they are made to an extremely high level of quality and high tolerances, you may lose more energy in the mesh than you would settling for a less-optimal ratio of the kit gears.

To get the most power out of the motor, find the gear ratio that puts a torque on the motor equal to the torque at max power output. In the case of the Tetrix motors, this is 1.158 Nm. The force input to the system is a known quantity equal to the weight of your minibot and any climbing friction.

Motor curves arein this post. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

What are the specs for the motor with the gear box removed?

Good question… probably could estimate using a gear box efficiency of .5 to .6
It has a 52 :1 gearing and could assume .95% per 5:1 ratio factor.

This seems to be good thread to also get gear_box data.

Anyone weighed a gear_box or have the motor weight w/o box?

Also, what is the gear configuration inside it?

Would it be legal to use a timing pulley? I want to make the gearing ratio possible so that I have more speed and enough torque to move me up the pole quickly. We plan to have our bot under 5lbs. We could also have bevel gears, because space in the minibot is becoming an issue.