Minibot Ideas

We’re a rookie team and we have a few of our own ideas but we’d like an experienced veiw point. The few ideas we have are wheels that clamp on and drive the bot up the pole, and surgical tubing to shoot the bot up the pole.
Are there any other ideas out there? Any input would be appreciated.

Check the updates and Q&A forumson a regular basis.

Team update 1 shows that the only form of energy storage allowed on the minibot is the battery, and the only way you’re allowed to convert it to mechanical energy is using the motors.

Sigh… but at least the rules don’t (yet) require you to use the Lego controller or speed controller for the motors… in fact I see nothing in the rules saying that the motors need to be turned off at the start of the match, either.

So having wheels clamp on and climb sounds like a pretty good technique.


I know you’re brand new to CD, so i won’t give you a hard time, but make sure you use the search function first, it’s there for a reason. I’m saying this because this exact thread minus the hyphen has already been started.

remember that you don’t always have to use mechanical devices to keep your minibot on the pole. you can use things as simple as high tension rubber bands to secure the bot. Also, your going to want at least 2-3 points of contact on the pole for the best stability. other than that, just be creative and good luck!