Minibot maximum dimensions

Everyone knows that the minibot can be no larger than a 12x12x12" cube. However, does this relate at all to a particular orientation? If you think about a cube, the distance from one corner to the opposite is greater than 12 inches, it’s around 20".
Would it be possible to use a minibot that is 20 inches tall, but still fit in a 12x12x12" cube, or do those dimensions specifically refer to height, length, and width in relation to the arena floor?

It’s a 12x12x12" cube. If it fits in the box, it fits. If it does not, then it does not.

The dimensions are not relative to anything. If your minibot looked like a 14" pencil and it fit (in any orientation you like) within a 12" cube, it’s legal.

The minibot is supposed to be inspected for legal volume using a sizing box. I don’t know if a “diagonal dimension” loophole will work if the minibot won’t sit flat on the base of the box.

Is there a rule that the MINIBOT must be self-supporting in the sizing box? Personally, I take the rules at face-value, and don’t assume FIRST meant anything they didn’t write. If something isn’t expressly forbidden, I interpret it as an open invitation.

In theory, the minibot could be a 20 inch long “pencil” although, other restrictions mean it cannot be a pencil. But it would seem if done right, it could exceed 12" in one direction by a considerable amount.

While I agree with everything said about passing inspection, I would point out that the deployment line is about 18" above the base. Deploying a 20" tall minibot would likely violate <G20>…


Right. But it seems conceptually plausible that one could construct a minibot that is darn close to 18 inches long.

Now why you’d want to do that? I have no idea. But I enjoy thinking out of the box, or rather, right up to the extents of the box.