Minibot microswitches?

Are standard black microswitches (single pole-double throw) allowed to be used as limit switches on minibot? :confused:

I don’t know what a “standard” microswitch is. If it is like the type that came in the KOP then the answer is yes.

can they me used with power wires or are they a data switch?

Check the datasheet for each switch to get definite answers about current and voltage handling. I was surprised to see how capable those little devils have become since I first used them more than 30 years ago. You may have to look around a bit to find female blade connectors for the terminals, too. Most automotive applications (the easiest to find) use a larger blade, I think.

You are right on the spade connectors. You can easily find the .250" but the microswitch is .187" as I remember.

are you sure about this? In the rules the only types of switches are

M. limit switches,
N. no more than two common household light switches,
granted that the switch that comes with the tetrix kit is also on the approved list of components too

My team as had a hard time finding switches for our minibot, but we think we have it all set with my understanding of the rules

Yes, the KOP microswitches are listed in the catalog as “limit switches”.
"MICRO SWITCH™ V5 and V7 Series basic switches are used for simple or precision on/off, end of limit, presence/absence, pressure, temperature and manual operator interface application needs. "

Whoops, definitely thinking of the wrong type of switch :o
We’re using some very close to those on our minibots.

My team was thinking about putting a compression switch on our minibot so that when it came in contact with the pole it would compress and go up the pole, would a compression switch fall under limit switches or common household switches?

wild war bots - If it’s marketed as a “limit switch” or is readily identifiable as a limit switch, you won’t have a problem. If it looks significantly different from those included in the KoP and isn’t marketed as a “limit switch”, then i would find something else to use.

Whoops! looks like someone beat me to the answer…

Not exactly sure what you mean by compression switch, but the GDC had made a ruling on both limit switches and light switches. My guess is that your compression switch is not marketed as a limit switch so therefore not legal.
Limit switches:

Only items sold as “limit switches” are allowed on the MINIBOT. Documentation and/or packaging material should be used to document items that may not be clearly identified as such.

Light switches:

For the purposes of the 2011 competition, a common household light switch is any electrical switch that would normally be mounted in a wall outlet box with household wiring, typically available at a home supply center (e.g. Lowes or Home Depot).
Minor modifications of the switch (e.g. removing the mounting tabs) are permitted, as long as the basic structural integrity and overall safety of the switch are not compromised.

Hope this helps!