Minibot Motors

Is there any restriction on Minibot motors? The rules do not specify

It must be made out of FTC parts… this means the FTC DC motors.

edit:// 1 sec and i’ll snag the rule

There is a very specific limit on motors. The robot section of the manual, 4.3.14, <R92> says you can only use two DC motors of a specific part number. I assume they are the ones included in the FTC kit on FIRST Choice.

Yes, no more than 2 tetrix motors <R92>B

we are using the test in the nxt apparently can!


translates into google Pt-BR

Nos estamos usando os motores do lego, aparentemente pode!

<R92> The following items are the only permitted materials for use on the MINIBOTS:

B. no more than two motors (PN W739083),

MS Word translates it as: “We are using the engines of lego apparently can!”

Which is a very incorrect assessment by <R92>.

Does anyone have specs on these motors? I have been trying to find data for the torque curve but so far i had no luck.

Does anybody know yet if we are allowed to use NXT-G to program the NXT brick for the minibot?

Does anyone know the weight of these motors? we don’t have any yet but we’re in the middle of designing and dont want to be over weight.

12-volt DC motor features 152 rpm and 300 oz-in. of torque.

Has anyone characterized them? I presume they have 152 rpm at no load, and 300 oz-in of torque at stall…

would it be better to go two motors two transmissions geared down or two motors one transmission geared up?

As far as I’m aware, there hasn’t been any documentation about the TETRIX motors from PITSCO, who makes the TETRIX parts.