We’ve read the rules and for the minibot there is a very tight restriction on parts, we’d just like to know if we may use springs, even though they aren’t listed on the permitted parts list, they may fall into “mechanical hardware”.
Also aparently a W739083 motor is required from the FTC kits and we want to know if we can swap that for an RS-395.

If it’s not on the permitted parts list, it’s not permitted. Mechanical hardware seems to refer to fasteners.

Plus, there is a blue box in <G19> that says you can’t store energy except in the battery.

<R92> is very explicit–if it’s not on the list, you can NOT use it. I would doubt your chances with the springs argument, but you are welcome to ask Q&A when it opens for an official response.

Thanks for the quick replies, the springs wouldn’t be used to store energy really, it would be more of a trigger, but we will ask when the Q&A is opened.
Also springs aren’t on the list but rubber bands and surgical tubing are which could be used for a similar effect to the spring. (spring being the more effective choice)

Historically, the GDC has not been kind to things that are “similar”. (Those around in 2007 will recall the horrors of “grip tape” versus “non-slip traction backing”–the latter was legal, the former was not because anything sold as tape was highly regulated…but you’d have a hard time telling the two apart outside of the package.)

I would be highly surprised if this was approved. My thinking is “no”, simply because RS-395 is not on the list of permitted stuff.