Minibot Question

Hi everyone i have a question for yall. When the rules for the mini bot suggest hook and loop fastner, do they mean velcro?
If not what do they mean?
But, second question, If they do mean velcro, when they say may not be used as tape does that mean that i can not use it to hold say a sensor or a motor down?

Yes, it’s Velcro.

Not using it as tape means you can’t take only one side and hold things on your robot just by using the sticky tape side.

They expect you to put a hook piece on one solid surface, a loop side on a different solid surface, and then Velcro the two of them together.

So i could use it to hold a sensor down, hook on minibot, loop on sensor and that’s alright?

Yes, that’s fine.

Thank you for your help

i have a question. does anyone know where to find part dimensions for the FRC minibot kit? any help is appreciated.