Minibot questions

Can you or can you not have springs which are loaded during any part of the match?
If I can recall the manual says something about loaded springs but can you load them during the match?
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If the loaded springs are meant to be on the minibot, then no. It is not allowed. However, you are allowed loaded springs on your hostbot.

can i start the match with a loaded spring? or i need to load it during the match?

can somebody answer his question?
this is an issue

From what I can tell the rules do not specifically state that you cannot have a pre-loaded spring. But they do have a warning in there that the discretion will be up to the judge. So my guess is that a large load probably cause some problems but a very small load will not.


Energy used by FRC ROBOTS, (i.e., stored at the start of a MATCH), shall come only from the following sources:
A. Electrical energy derived from the onboard 12V battery (see Rule <R34> for specifications and further details).
B. Compressed air stored in the pneumatic system, stored at a maximum pressure of 120 PSI.
C. A change in the altitude of the ROBOT center of gravity.
D. Storage achieved by deformation of ROBOT parts.
[bluebox]Teams must be very careful when incorporating springs or other items to store energy on their ROBOT by means of part or material deformation. A ROBOT may be rejected at inspection if, in the judgment of the inspector, such items are unsafe.[/bluebox]

Notice the first line, FRC ROBOTS. Per the definitions, ROBOT = HOSTBOT + MINIBOT. So stored energy is allowed in a MINIBOT as well as the HOSTBOT. You just have to store the energy in an allowable material on the MINIBOT.

That is very foggy it could mean just about anything, and a teams worst nightmare is to have a part or robot removed from the robot the hour before the competition.
Does anyone have a quote from the manual its self allowing or rejecting the idea

well if you were planning on using the spring to launch the minibot i wouldnt try that. That would be considered a safety hazard and is also not following the definition of deploying the minibot. using a spring to push somehting on the hostbot to push the minibot might be allowed but considering the amount of questions about this i think FIRST will be adressing this question in one of their updates.

Thank you but again untill an update comes out does anyone have a quote???
BTW: when is the next update coming out???

From the Administration section of the manual (you know, the parts without the password that you had a week or so before Kickoff to study):

Please, read <R01-D>. Springs would be a robot part.

You should also note that (at least in the past) it’s been allowed to have pneumatic power ready to fire while the robot is being hauled onto the field. And who ever charged a battery while on the field?

In other words, as long as it’s an allowed material (found in 4.3.7–<R02> tells you what you can’t use), and it’s safe (the blue box), knock yourself out.

how high does the robot have to go up the pole? and how high are the pegs?

Where’s the “beating head against wall” smilie when you need it?

Read Section 2.2.5 and look at the field drawings, or search this site for the 47 combined questions on those topics. Most of them have answers–the same answers. (Search is in the orange bar at the top of the page.)

section 2.2.5 of what? what manual are you talking about? ;):eek:

I really hope that was sarcasm. Section 2.2.5 would be the “FIELD” section of this years manual. The page that has “Section 2” nice and big on the cover.

Ok, With the new team update it all makes sense SOOOOOOOO let me answer my own question:
We may not fire the minibot at all.
We are only allowed to use a standard motor and standard battery to get up the pole.
So again if you dont beileive me check the usfirst site for the update…

In Team Update 1 it states:

the act of positioning a MINIBOT on a TOWER. DEPLOYMENT starts when the MINIBOT breaks the vertical projection of the TOWER BASE circumference during the END GAME. DEPLOYMENT ends when the HOSTBOT is no longer in contact with the MINIBOT.

no it wosnt sarcasm and thx for helping us:D

ok but still cant you tell me and not make me read even tho you think i a da now