minibot & Terminal block

Are the Green Terminal Blocks supplied in the kit of parts allowable for use as electrical connectors on the minibot?

Unless you can find them listed in <R92> or here, then no.

I had looked there but i was wondering if they were classified as crimps, which are allowed, as per <R92>K. since they do squeeze the wires. i guess this would probably be a question for the GDC.

Why use a terminal block? It has so much weight to it (for a minibot at least).

Solder would work fine… Wrapped in electrical tape.

I want to have all of the connections in the same place if i’d ever have to change anything. i currently have sta-kon connector on them. i might go back and solder though. i guess there probably won’t be any need to rewire a minibot.

They are not classified as “crimps”. I believe the rule allows crimps to give a convenient way to attach wire(s) to the limit switches.