Minibot times

I’m curious as to how fast other team’s minibots can climb?


~4 Sec… I am very disappointed.

are those times with the battery or no?


1.4 at the moment. but we know that our wheels are slipping. will be trying new material after ship

3.5 is our best time so far. Our wheels have been slipping when we were testing during the past week though.

2.5 is our best, no gearboxes have been taken off…yet.

Maybe the same.

I can’t press my IPhone fast enough!

Team 1098 complete minibot seems to be running a consistant 2.5 sec. I am happy because it is reliable.

We’re about 2.5 seconds too.

For the life of me I can’t figure out how people are getting sub-two second times. Good for them!

(In my defense, I haven’t been heavily involved in minibot development…)

Custom wheels, (PVC) with direct drive and magnets.

We took the mean of 20 runs- Came up with 3.25 seconds. This is for the whole thing deployment and climb. We are very pleased. I am going to publish 4 seconds on our competition distribution sheet however because I know how the students get those itchy fingers and “trigger” the stop watches a little early for sure.

Direct drive as in no gearing whatsoever besides the wheels???

We’re just under 3 seconds but time up is only part of the challenge. The other is deployment just after the 10 seconds which is also a challenge. We’ve added a guide to help hit the pole with a larger margin of error but still figure it will take another second or two to deploy it on the pole. That doesn’t leave teams over 4 seconds much time to make it.

Sadly we’ve been getting upwards of 6 seconds.

From what I know we’ve yet to solve the main problems of slippage and falling. (Minibot randomly falls from the pole due to it starting to drive away from the pole)

Magnets…Neodymium are the way to go. Holds on real well.

We are getting 3.5-4 seconds but may play with new wheels/magnets between now and GSR.

Team 1827 is getting about a 3.5 second climb. Deployment time varies with a strategy choice. No magnets or custom wheels on ours.