Minibot under 2 seconds

How would I go about creating a minibot under 2 seconds. I now that I would need to remove the gearboxes and use a magnet. But I am wondering how I could come up with a way to make the output shaft of the motor longer while making it legal?

There are several posts addressing this issue, and your questions are answered there.

There is no “need” to remove the gearboxes or use magnets to make a sub 2 sec minibot.

Gearboxes that are modified to a 10.4 to 1 ratio, custom PVC pipe wheels, weight around 3lbs and rubber bands to provide the normal force for traction is how we made very consistent ~1.8 sec minibots that do reliably trigger.

We did try a couple of iterations of rod wheel minibots but they were no where near as consistent for us…yet.