I have looked over the list of things allowed on the minibot but i do not seem to see anything on there about using rivetnuts. I would assume they would go under rivets but i don’t know if they would still be legal. ( and yes i know what happens when you assume :slight_smile: )

Since a Riv-nut is both a Threaded insert (Mechanical Fastener), and a rivet, I would assume it would be legal since both are allowed according to R92.

If you’re still unsure, ask the Q&A and they will be able to give you a definitive answer.

One thing that 540’s been wondering is whether or not we are allowed to use ABS on the minibot. Polycarbonates and PVC, 2 types of thermoplastics, ARE allowed under R92. ABS is just another type of thermoplastic. Does anybody know if it is legal?

ABS is neither Polycarbonate nor PVC so it is not legal.


I would have assumed the opposite since it is not specifically allowed.

Anyways, the suggestion to Q&A it is as good one.

Well i have one slight problem. I do not have a way to post on the Q & A system do to i do not have our teams log in items and i am unable to get them. So is there a way any of you guys could post it for me? Thanks