Minibots and Deployment

Many people have said that they have sub-2 seconds minibots. However, from watching the Scrimmage videos, it doesn’t seem like many people were deploying. Furthermore, with very small gaps in time difference (less than 2 seconds), it seems that these differences in minibots are unimportant, as long as they are relatively close.

If a defensive robot delays one of them to the pole by two seconds, another robot with a worse minibot could win the race. It really shows how important defense will be this year.

The other side to this, is that with small differential to minibot speed, the important factor is deployment, and here is my question:

What is the speed of your minibot including deployment. Everyone has given their numbers as just a raw minibot speed, and while thats important, our team is interested in how we stack up for the whole operation.

From pushing the button on our control board to minibot hitting the top of the pole is:

**3.62 seconds
Where do you guys stand?

I don’t know…use your stopwatch?

We tested our new minibot today with deployment and our total time was 3.0 seconds. Our minibot time by itself is 2.3-2.5 seconds. We deploy by swinging it horizontally to the pole.