Minimum age for drivers and feeders?

I read on a few teams websites that only “pre-college” students or seniors can be feeders or drivers. Is this an individual team rule or a rule required by FIRST? I skimmed over the manual and didn’t see anything relating to it.

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If you look at the glossary, DRIVER and FEEDER are both defined as pre-college students. The COACH may be a student or adult mentor.

Yes, thats required by FIRST.

Apparently, there is no hard lower limit for age as well. I was an 8th grader as our copilot last year. First approved it after an email too. I did take classes at the high school though, so im not sure how big of a difference that made.

The drivers and human player have to just be pre-college.

This has been asked before so I’m linking the thread.

But if you don’t want to skim over that there is no minimum age. As long as they are pre-college students they can drive and feed.

I know of at least one team that starts their drivers in middle school. It’s a brilliant idea, your drivers are guaranteed to have quite a few years of experience all through high school.

There was an all middle school team at one point