Minimum fuse amount for spark max?

This year, our team is planning on connecting 10 spark maxes to our power distribution panel. However, this would mean using 30 amp fuses instead of 40 amp fuses for two of the sparks. Is this possible to do, or would the sparks blow out?

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There’s no reason you can’t use a SPARK MAX on a 30A PDP branch circuit. You just need to be careful not to draw too much current through those motors or you could trip the breaker. That’s no different for a SPARK MAX than any other motor controller though. You can do this by using the proper gear ratio for the load you’re putting on the motor, and by setting a current limit in the SPARK MAX software.

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No, the Sparks wont’ blow out!

What size breaker to use for which motor controllers, depends mostly on what the motors are doing. If it’s the drivetrain, then you want to use 40 A breakers. If the motor will be used to do something like power a roller that is not heavily loaded, then a 30A breaker should be fine.

Look at the motor specifications, so you can get an idea of how much current the motors draw, when producing a specific amount of torque. Then estimate how much torque the mechanism requires to turn, and this will give you an idea of how much current is needed for that motor.


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