Minimum Viable Autonomous

Primarily to be used as a drop-in addition to any teams code before a match, OpenRIO has opened up a ‘minimum viable autonomous’, that is, enough to cross the auto line given a speed and timeout.

Currently, Java and C++ are provided, with LabVIEW planned shortly. These are dropins, designed to not conflict with other code. For this reason, it doesn’t adhere to ‘best practices’ or being efficient in anyway, but in the 5 minutes before a match neither of these are the primary concern.

Thanks these are wonderful. I had my programmers do something similar; however, the final code they created were commands, which if the team was command based was fine, but would probably not work in the majority of cases where it was needed.

As a quick note, at least some of the 3 (six total) motor gear boxes, actually have one of the drive motors reversed relative to the other two motors. In this case I would say the easiest thing by far would be to run auton with only two motors and/or to put the odd motor out on the opposite side.

I would hope that teams running fancy gear boxes also have the programming chops to handle a very simple auton, but I would hate to “help” a team only burn out a drive motor, very unlikely with a CIM, but if they for some reason stuck a 775pro in there who knows.

The ideal solution in this case is to instead use SetInverted on the motor spinning the incorrect way, but this assumes the rest of the code follows this convention. These gearboxes appear to be in the minority however, so this will require a solution like the one you’ve mentioned