minivan power slinding door problem

Hi, I hope someone could help me with this, I own a 2006 Mercury Monterey with power sliding doors but one got damaged from the passenger side so I went to a scrapyard and bought both motor assembly (driver and passenger side) from a 2004 Ford Freestar when I got home I found out they are not the same physically electrical connectors look a like but before adapting/mounting this motor assembly I will like to know if it is possible, if they could work or could doing this damage any electronics or electrical in my minivan this is the information I found in labels on the motor and control module from the Freestar and Monterey


2004 Ford Delphi interiors pn 16635161 rev 001
Freestar Taigene 03.12.08
12.08.03 000415

2006 Mercury Delphi Interiors pn 16914930 rev01
Monterey Taigene 05.04.07
04.07.05 000589

Electronics module (little plastic black box with electrical connectors)

2004 Ford pn 16643867 ICRev 001
Freestar 2/11/04 operator E37011301
Mod Rev 001 128737350

2006 Mercury pn 16909124 ICRev 001
Monterey 7/29/05 operator E6221414
Mod Rev 001 128737350

thank you.

You should ask this on a dedicated Mercury forum, such as rather than here on Chief Delphi.

Thank you I have done that but with no success I was searching the internet and found this forum and some posted something about Taigene motors and well may be someone from this forum knows about this automatic sliding door systems.

Well thank you anyway.

I suppose if you wanna get really broad with the definition of a Robot, a minivan could be considered a robot… Which would make Chief Delphi a viable forum to ask about sliding doors… But not really… So, yea. Try asking harder on the specific Mercury forum.