Minneapolis Regional Discussion 2016

My bad

I’d be ok with this

That would make for a good regional for King Tec. It’ll be tough to beat Wave for Chairman’s Award. They have an awesome program, as does 2169. The competition on and off the field will be very competitive.

When you fixed the double Calculator computation, you seemed to have replaced it with an overabundant corn crop yield :wink:

I’d like to say that I have a good reason for so many mistakes like I just got done with a test, or I haven’t had enough sleep lately… nope. I’m just good at making mistakes!

One mistake made, I can excuse. But two?


I just think it is getting too close to North Star and the nerves are starting to kick in for you.

Just make sure you keep his allen wrench set to hand off to the next generation…

Jajabinx’s Bogus Predictions for North Star:

  1. 2826, 3130, 2472 W
  2. 4778, 3026, 5541 F
  3. 167, 2194, 4632 SF
  4. 2169, 4607, 3275 SF
  5. 5576, 2175, 3277 QF
  6. 4215, 3883, 2129 QF
  7. 2491, 3042, 3122 QF
  8. 967, 2574, 3206 QF

I’ll make the 10,000 lakes one sometime later this week maybe.

Even if it is in quals… Can we have the palindrome alliance? Pretty Please?

Only way to gauruntee it is go out on practice day together.

So excited to go to North Star! We’ve been working on auton, shooting, and vision tracking ever since we got back from the Iowa Regional, and personally I’m ready to show it off at North Star! :smiley:

Good luck to all teams participating!

4536 is really excited to compete at 10K. I’m hoping that the competition won’t be quite so fierce as that of Iowa, but it would still be fun if it is!

Our team would like to compare our 10K scouting data against other teams’ scouting data after the competition to verify its accuracy and see how other teams scout. If your team is attending 10K, can export your scouting data to an excel or csv file, and would be willing to send it to us after the competition is over, please PM or email me. I would be happy to run the same analysis on your data if you are interested, which could give you some idea of how reliable your scouting data is. I will keep your data confidential. Let me know if you have any questions.

2169 is going to North Star? I’m glad I’m back announcing on my favorite field!

Looking forward to seeing the teams on Thursday.

Indeed they are!

“Midnight” is finally ready to get over his fear of heights at 10k :smiley:

I see what you did there;)

Is 2175 planning on showing any of practice day on the webcast? The feed currently says “See you tomorrow”. Obviously no one is going to be in the field now but later in the day would be nice to see the field.

We hope to have the stream up by noon today.

Well it was a fun and exciting day for teams 3275 and 3134, ending the day 1st and 29th. Best finishes for each team at day 1. Good luck to everyone tomorrow hopefully see you in the finals.

Anyone know why 2574 sat out the first quarterfinal match?