Minnesota FRC History - or The Rise and Fall of (more) Teams

So I read this cool thread about Arizona teams in FRC and how long they’ve stuck around.

Anyway, it got me curious about MN teams. I don’t know fancy smancy API stuff. Instead I just watched the Vikings beat Denver (undefeated at home still) and cycled through blue alliance to create my own table.

The stacked table makes it look like teams started in later years are just dropping like flies.

But when you look at total teams by rookie year, things don’t look so bad (unless you started in 2011, about half of those teams are gone)

Anyway, that was fun to see. It would be cool if we could see charts like this for start/providence/country, but I’m done watching football for today.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this was about the time of the JCPenney grant, which was significant and then stopped suddenly.

Some nice graphs. The first one in particular you can see how growth rate is being overtaken by disband rate.

I do :slight_smile: I keep a bunch of data on just MN teams in a spreadsheet, based on a script I wrote for the TBA API. Anyways, I had some time today so I set up the same graph in the spreadsheet - looks pretty close! I think you may have missed a team or two that retired and then later resurrected, but it doesn’t change the overall impact of the graph.

With 5271 being resurrected at 10K Lakes and 8412 being added to North Star right after you posted - MN is in positive growth territory for 2020.

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