Minnesota Mini-regional

Our team had a great time this past Saturday and I felt the need to personally thank Prior Lake for putting on this great event. My thanks go out to teams 2169 for being such gracious hosts, 1816 without whose involvement FIRST Minnesota would not be where it is at right now, and team 2220 whose effort in putting together such a great field to play on must not be discounted. We had the lucky privilege of playing on that field three times and put it through its paces. Thank you all so much, the Minnesota FIRST community is blessed to have so many great teams.

I would also like to thank teams 2472, and 2220 for being such amazing alliance partners. To those who attended, we very much enjoyed playing with you, to those who didn’t, we hope to see you there next year, this really is a very well run event and I believe all who attended benefited from it.

Agreed! The event was fantastic and I hope that it will lead to more such events in Minnesota.

It also provided a great opportunity for teams to introduce new students to competitions. Most teams have begun meeting by now and having a competition at this time of the year is a great way to keep new students interested.