Minnesota Rankings

I figured since everyoneelseis doingit, Minnesota should join in and post our rankings!

Fortunately, we have an official source for rankings… While we aren’t doing districts, last year the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) threw its support behind FIRST and held the first ever Minnesota State Championship. As it’s not an official FIRST event, it occurs after Champs in St. Louis. Entry into the event is based on the same FiM point system (at least, it looks the same to me), with two exceptions: Only a teams first regional counts for points (since a majority of teams only attend one regional), and there are an extra 10 points awarded for any team that submits for Chairman’s at any regional, even if its not your first. Basically, the changes were made to level the playing field for teams with only 1 regional, and to create an added incentive for MN teams to submit for Chairman’s.

And with that, on to the points! All MN teams have now competed in their first event, so the official rankings were posted last night!

The point system can be seen here: http://www.mnfirst.org/docs/2013MSHSLQualifyingEntryPointCategoryTable.pdf

The top 30 teams in MN then move onto the State Tournament.

There are currently 13 teams from MN attending champs, out of those 13 teams 11 have also qualified for state. 3018 and 4656 are the two teams that have qualified for state but have not for champs.

One more change I just found out about… The win-loss points are calculated for the first 8 matches for each team. This was done to normalize the number of matches across the 7 regional events that teams participated in.

In other words, attending an event that happens to give you 9 or 10 matches won’t benefit a team when compared to one that only had 8 matches.

I’m glad they decided to go this way, I was speaking with a few other mentors in the metro area and they expressed concern over the fact that 9-10 matches were played in Duluth and only 8 were played at the UofM events.

Question about State Championships - (or maybe should start another thread)

Does anyone know if it will be live streamed?

it was streamed live last year and all indications say that it will also be streamed live this year

Yes, it will be streamed. It will be handled by 2175 - The Fighting Calculators. You can find the stream at our website: www.fightingcalculators.org/webcast/

I’ll start a thread when two weeks before the event. I believe that is the deadline for teams to “register” for the event.