Minnesota Robotics Invitational Documentary

At the Minnesota Robotics Invitational, I interviewed various members of various teams with the hopes of making it into a mini documentary for our team’s YouTube channel, and a full documentary for our local public access station. This trimester I had a class that does the morning news at our school, and we were assigned a documentary project, so I took the opportunity and made a mini documentary. Here it is on our school YouTube

It turned out pretty good, except I made a major blunder when I was filming it, I never got the correct spellings for the names of the people that I interviewed, and I would like to make sure I am spelling people’s names correctly, so if I interviewed you at the Minnesota Robotics Invitational, if you could PM me with the correct spelling of your name, that would be great. I’d like to make sure that’s as accurate as possible for putting it on our team’s YouTube.

Also, I still have the raw footage of the interviews and I would be happy to get it to the teams who’s members I interviewed for videos and such, so if you are marketing for teams 4549, 1816, 2491, 2823, 2531, 2472, 2177, 4859, 2181, 4607, 3630, 2052, or T-Squared/Techno Tech, and you would like that footage, feel free to PM me. Each interview was about a minute long, and we had multiple interviews from some teams.

Happy Off-Season!