Minnesota Robotics Invitational

The Rookie team with three different numbers at an event has to be a record - even when they were picked there was confusion.

No doubt this was the most competitive off-season event Minnesota has seen. However, even if the regular season rules were allowed, 4539 and 5172 would not have ended up on the same alliance as the quals were so crazy.

This is just a snapshot of where Minnesota now is - the old guard is still strong and the new guard is still growing. Now with the advent of FUM, the possibility of districts in sight, and the amount of quality off-season events, MN might be finally turning the page.

What I saw on Saturday was a field that had more parity than ever before in MN. It was not dominated by any one team, it was about what team/alliance made the best of their alliance throughout quals. Once Elims set in, it was anyone’s game.

Kudos to 2846 and Tom for what they have developed over the last ~10 years. The Firebears are such a fun team to work with, and they put on quite a show.

Finally, thanks to 876, 1816, and 2491 for trusting us to get our robot back up and running after our first match in semi-finals - we knew we could help you, but it was something our team ever encountered before - thank God for FMEA!

Thanks to all the teams and our host 2846 Firebears. This is our favorite event to attend. Competitive but relaxed at the same time. Rookie members have had 1 or 2 events this past summer so everyone seems to step up their game. I imagine The Minne Mini next month will become a full on race to the top.

By far the biggest match of the day for us and also hyped at the event was the very last qualification match. All 6 teams were in the top 10. 5 teams with-in 3 ranking points of each other at the time. All either fighting retain their spots in the top 4 or move into a captains positions. Final rankings for these teams:

2 - 876
3 - 3244
5 - 1816
6 - 4539
7 - 2491
8 - 4536

Thanks to teams Team 2052 - KnightKrawler, Team 2846 - FireBears, and Team 7432 - NOS for joing us in the eliminations.

This was a fun event, even if I personally was 600 miles away :rolleyes:
Thanks for the great help in Alliance #2: 1816 - The Green Machine, 4607 - C.I.S., & 2491 - NoMythic


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