Minnesota State Championship 2023

This is the list of teams that have qualified for this year’s state championship. Several of the teams competing made it to play offs at Champs and two teams made it all the way to Einstein! The tournament is shaping up to very competitive this year. A lot of the top teams are very close in terms of EPA and scoring capability according to Statbotics.

With so many great teams attending it’ll be hard to figure out where teams will rank and how eliminations will go. The final rankings will come down to consistency and synergy, and who knows how much teams will have improved by then. Here is my attempt at a prediction:

  1. 3184-4607-1816 W
  2. 6045-5913-7028 F
  3. 2052-2987-5172 3rd
  4. 5232-2470-2883

I think 4728 will have a few things to say about your rankings, as well as several other teams. :slight_smile:

It will be a very competitive State once again this year!


I hope we can live up to the expectations!

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I assume the state championship will be running the championship or supercharged FMS?

Not having 4728 is wild.

Here are my predictions based on the prescouting I completed yesterday.

1: 5913, 6045, and 2264 (W)
2: 2052, 4607, and 7028 (F)
3: 3184, 4728, and 2470 (4th)
4: 2987, 5348, and 5232 (3rd)

I’ve gone back and forth on who wins from these alliances, but right now I think the 5913 and 6045 cycling combination is a lot of fire power to overcome. 7028 is the biggest wildcard and the perfect 3rd robot if an alliance can effectively utilize them. Maybe 3184 will continue to out perform my scouting data like they have all season, but for now, I have highest EPA team in the state being the 3rd seed captian. I’m excited to see all these great robots play and I can see the winning alliance coming from any seed.


Hopefully we can get TBA updated so statbotics can pull the event.


I plan on 2181 being in the elimination rounds, so you all need to update your predictions. Thanks in advance.

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I think its crazy that teams such as 3630, 3883, and 2129 have missed this event. I don’t like how only a teams first event is taken into consideration. In my opinion, qualification should be based off the district points from their first two events averaged out. If a team only has one event then they can simply take the district points from that one event.


2181, 5653, and 7028 all fill the same role on an alliance in my opinion. It’ll be interesting to see which of those teams is playing in playoffs and how the alliance captains value their unique skillsets.

I think we’ll see some full grids in quals and certainly in playoffs. Fast low cyclers will help a ton to create supercharged nodes if that ends up being the case.

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I am really hoping as the MSHSL Championship grows in the next few years we see a change in these qualifying rules. Teams that compete in a second or third regional should be rewarded for their investment in their team.

However, I do see a new format playing out in future years with the advent of our local HACs led by the NMRCs conference Championship and the CMNRC new conference Championship this coming October 14th. A “true team” state tournament like other sports have is on the horizon that could happen in the fall/early winter in years to come.

As for this years tournament, I really don’t see a single favorite. This is the deepest state tournament I have ever seen with at least 8 teams that are incredibly strong including the likes of 3184, 6045, 4607, 4728, 5913, 2052, 1816, 2220, 2883, 6146, 2847, and 5363 all competing strongly at Champs along with so many others. Include those that just missed Champs including 7028, 4728, 2181, and 5348, this will be very exciting. The know I missed a number of teams, but man it will be awesome.

Fun fact, the CMNRC will be strongly represented with 4607, 4728, 5348, 5638, 6045, 6146, 7028, 7068, and 7530 competing. Having nine of our teams there, I am positive at least one will be on the winning alliance. It is also a nice preview of what the first CMNRC Championship will look like come October.

Also, I am proud that of the 15 FRC teams that 4607 has started and mentored, five are in contention including 5913, 6045, 7028, 7068, and 7530.

Just imagine what a regional in St Cloud could look like in coming years ;).

Good luck to all!


Very cool! I remember taking my bot senior year from worlds to Indiana “State”, as we were beginning to transition to the district model. Congrats and good luck to all those competing!

With 2987 not competing since week 4, I’m hyped to see how much they’ve improved on an already incredible bot.

Did some scouting for the teams competing at state. All data is based on the teams’ last 10 quals matches. Here are the top 15 that I scouted:


Based on that information I have some high level thoughts/takeaways:

  • I believe the “drop-off” from the 4th alliance’s 3rd robot to the 1st alliance’s 3rd robot will generally not be huge
  • With very few quals matches and short turnaround times, a single break can derail any team’s chances of seeding high
  • With very few quals matches the rankings have potential to be pretty random, but thankfully this is helped by the increased Link RP Threshold
  • Full grids won’t be a common thing in quals, and will only happen multiple times in playoffs for 1 or 2 alliances

Here are my predictions assuming the rankings are sane:

And here they are in a much more random scenario:


Another thing to note is some teams have not been on a field for some time. 3297 has not had an event since week 1. I noticed on blue alliance they had a new intake. They were good week 1 and will be better for state. Teams like 4728 did so good week 4 just lost in finals due to a teammate breakdown. They will be better. I am sure just like those 2 teams and us (5348) everyone will be a bit better especially the ones we have not seen for a bit. Prescouting is obviously important but so is synergy and who is running well on the 6th.


Personally, I’m a fan of your random scenario…!

We’ve made some great improvements on efficiency and decision making within our robot and our drive team. Doing only one competition didn’t help our exposure this season…especially since it was Week 1!

Looking forward to competing with some outstanding teams!

We worked on double score auto :triumph:

It’s gonna be so much fun to see how everyone improved. There’s a lot of bots I can’t wait to see in person.

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Correct! That change is now baked into the FMS software, so it would be challenging to adjust if we wanted to.

That’s the plan! HQ is taking a well-deserved break for most of this week, but as soon as they are back next week we will be working to get it posted to frc.events (and subsequently TBA).

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Hello all! I know its a little late notice, but I want to invite the teams that will be competing at the MSHSL State Tournament to Becker High School this coming Saturday to practice. We will be setting up our field in our main gym Also, we don’t have all of the field elements, so if you have any of the following that you could bring, please let me know:
1 Charging Station
1 Double HP Station (full set)
2 Single HP Stations
5 Grids (we ahve one set)
Game Pieces

PM me if you would like to join us and I will send you more information.
Thanks, ~Alex


This has quickly turned into a mini state tournament practice day. Thank you 4607 for hosting this. Looking forward to practicing with some possible alliance partners (fingers crossed) before state

maybe we copy the district points system?

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