Minnesota Week Zero Event

FRC teams 2531 (Chaska RoboHakws) and 4778 (Chanhassen StormBots) are planning on hosting a FRC ‘Week Zero Event’ the weekend before bag day. Since both teams have never hosted an event before, we have created a small survey to collect information about which teams have gone to which events in the past and if they are interested in attending our event. The biggest thing we need feedback for is whether the event should be hosted on Saturday, February 14th or Sunday, February 15th.

If you are a Minnesota FRC team member, please fill out this survey to help us out. Or you can comment in this thread if you would prefer a Saturday or Sunday event. Also, if you have ever hosted or co-hosted a FIRST event before and have any advice please comment in this thread or send us an email at [email protected]

Thanks in advance!!

We look forward to seeing your replies!

So I guess it’s kind of a fun fact, but Itasca Community College hosts a scrimmage on Saturday 14. Our team, and the other teams that attend, really enjoy having it on a Saturday. It gives us a little bit more time to workout all of our kinks and other various things. So, I would suggest hosting it on the 14th.

I am sorry, but I am not understanding what you mean by Saturday 14. Could you explain further? Thanks!

Saturday, February 14 rather than Sunday, February 15.

Does this help clear your confusion at all?

I figured as much but just wanted to be clear. We are always looking for different events to attend so as to give the students a more broad vision of the possible field for the upcoming season.

It seems MN has a good number of events for the Week 0 Saturday throughout the state. Yet the likely loss of 3018’s event will create a void and thus more pressure on other events.

Good luck on Saturday at Minne-Mini!

Thanks for your feedback guys!!

One of the main reasons our teams are hosting a week zero event for 2015 is because of the loss of 3018’s. 4778 obtained Nordic Storm’s field pieces and we really want to provide an event for the teams that use to attend theirs as well as all of the other teams in our area. In addition, there are a lot of MN week zero events so we want to pick a date for our scrimmage that would work best for the teams in our area and provide them with sufficient practice before they go to regionals.

For those in the southern (esp southeastern) part of the state - The Seven Rivers Robotics Coalition will be hosting an event on Sunday Feb 15th in Onalaska WI.

Details are still being finalized, but we are hoping to have around 20 teams in attendance.

Thank you all for your feedback! It has been very helpful during our planning stage. We have created a Google Form for teams to RSVP for this event which will be on Sunday, February 15th. Note that it is NOT the official registration. This form is just so we can get an idea of how many teams are interested in this event.

Here is the form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1F3Z-P12Kz1WigEJwERtW3uHeaxZj4VWtwNXqAFCbzjE/viewform