MinnesotaMan's Week 5 2018 Grayduck Insight

Week 5 Grayduck Insight

It’s that time of year again everybody where everyone gets a wildcard! You get a wildcard! You get a wildcard and so do you! This should be another exciting round of Minnesota events. Tons of Minnesota teams will be competing for the first time this weekend looking to advance to the ultimate goal: the championship in detroit.

Medtronic Foundation Regional

5172 has proved yet again this season that they are anomaly when compared to other robots in MN. They will look to add to their growing pile of regional wins and awards. After competing down in the swamp at the Orlando Regional, 233 is coming up north waiting to unveil their latest changes. 2052 was a bad match away from being 1st place at Lake Superior. Except them to make their way into the finals with those effective ramps. 2502 has struggled at Minneapolis events for the past 2 years and look to change the theme this time around. We will find out if 4607’s simple yet effective bot can fare with the rest of the scale stackers.

Rest of the contenders: 2846, 3102, 3184, 3630

Chairman’s and EI contenders: 1816, 2500, 2502, 4607

North Star Regional

2512 is the favorite to win this regional event. Coming off a near 1st seed upsetting performance at Northern Lights, they are looking warmed up and ready to go. Plus they also won chairman’s up there. The Illinois powerhouse 2451 is looking to bring their dominance up north. This is 3130’s third event and they will try to reduce their error at this event. 2175 and 3276 will look to reform their Lake Superior alliance and continue their success. After a finalist performance at Great Northern, 3750 will look build on their finalist performance.

Rest of the contenders: 171, 1625, 2491, 2883, 3042, 3277

Chairman’s and EI contenders: 2175, 2177, 2451, 2512, 3042, 3130, 3883

Both these events should be fantastic! MinnesotaMan himself will NOT be attending these events. Good luck to all the teams competing.