Minor help

Where do you post Solidwork cad files of our robot?

Is there really any difference in autocad and Solidworks files of our robot or do they both get the same point across?

GrabCAD is a popular place for teams to post their Solidworks CAD files.

Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks are both 3D modeling CAD programs capable of making 2D drawings. There are differences in each, but for the final product, it comes down to preference. From my understanding, AutoCAD is generally used for 2D drawings, while the other two have capabilities of both.

Myself, I prefer to access 3D files from either program along with the 2D drawings because I can physically look at the 3D assembly and have context when looking at the 2D drawings. However, teams are different on what program they use. Inventor and Solidworks aren’t the only two CAD programs out there - there are a lot more - but those are the programs I’ve seen the most in FRC.

Since people vary in what program they use, I suggest converting your 3D CAD files (whatever file type they may be) to STEP files (.stp) before posting. Both Solidworks and Inventor can open those.