Minority Rule Game 2!

Welcome to Minority Rule, Game 2!
Credit for the original game idea goes to Ddynamo on the Town of Salem Forums.
I finally figured out how to use Colors!


Minority Rule is played in rounds. Each round, the host randomly selects a number of rooms equal to ⅓ of the living players rounded down (never less than two). You must choose one room to enter by sending the host your pick in a private message. When everybody has submitted a room, the players in the room with the most people are eliminated. However, most rooms also have a special effect of some kind, which can act either in your favor or to your detriment. Once there are less than three living players, everybody that is still alive is crowned a winner. To join, simply say /join or /in !

Each round will take place at 10:00AM PST, every other day. The deadline to submit the rooms is 30 minutes before, at 9:30AM PST. If the room has not been submitted by then, you will automatically be eliminated.
Submit your room with a PM to the host in the format of “MR2 [name]”.


  1. Follow the global forum rules.
  2. Respect the host and their decisions.
  3. Send a room within a timely manner. The host may modkill you if you are holding up the game.
  4. You may communicate privately with other players, but the host must be included in any such conversation.
  5. Have fun.


Air - A random picker becomes light.
Betrayal - If this room is tied for the minority, it gains infinite picks and becomes the majority.
Death - Everyone who picks this dies.
Dice - Everyone who picks this is given a random status.
Divide - Everyone who picks this counts as half.
Duplicate - Takes the effect of the room with the majority, after all other room effects are applied.
Earth - A random picker becomes heavy.
Evil - All pickers become cursed.
False - This room does nothing, but it takes the appearance of another random room.
Force - A random person who did pick this will change to a random room in the current pool.
Graveyard - If nobody picks this room, three random dead players are revived.
Gravity - A random person who did not pick this will change to this room.
Holy - A random picker becomes a saint. All other pickers become cursed.
Illusion - This room secretly takes the effect of another random room.
Insanity - A random picker becomes insane.
Life - If nobody picks this, everybody dies.
Luck - If this room is the majority, then one random picker will survive. If this is not the majority, then one random picker will die.
Multiply - Everyone who picks this counts as two.
Mundane - This room literally does nothing.
Murder - One random picker becomes a Serial Killer
Mystery - Everyone who picks this is given a random status. They are not informed which status they received.
Necromancy - A random picker of this room will die, and a random dead player will be revived.
Permanency - If picked by anyone, this room will also be in the pool for the next round. Once this room is the majority, it is removed from the pool for all future rounds.
Protection - All pickers are immune to death this round for any reason other than the majority. A random picker becomes a bodyguard.
Purity - Everyone who picks this loses all statuses.
Rejuvinate - Everyone who picks this becomes healthy.
Ritual - All pickers get the soulbound status.
Spite - A random picker will becomes cursed.
Secrecy - All pickers become cultists. This room can only appear once; if it is picked again by the randomizer, it will provide a cultist-only room that round.
Unity - If all living players pick this, nobody will die due to the majority.


Bodyguard - Nobody who picks the same room as you can die for any reason other than the majority. If anyone who would die without your intervention is saved, you will die instead.
Cultist - If there are any cultists, then there may be a room that only its members may pick if Secrecy is selected again.
Cursed- You will die next round unless your status is removed or your death is prevented. This status is removed afterwards.
Healthy - You cannot die for any reason except for the majority. Once your death is prevented by this status, this status will be removed.
Insane - You must pick the majority or you will die.
Light - You do not count as a picker for the next round. This status is removed afterwards.
Heavy - Your pick counts as two picks for the next round. This status is removed afterwards.
Saint- You are immune to death. Once your death is prevented by this status, this status will be removed.
Serial Killer - A random person who picks the same room as you will die.
Soulbound - If you lose this status you will die.


When will the game start? Is there a limit to how many people can join?
There is no limit to how many people can join, so the game will begin once a good amount of people have joined. Preferably, there will be 25+ people. The more, the merrier!

How much of a time commitment is required?
The only time commitment required is logging onto Chief Delphi roughly once every two days to send the host a message. If you want to check the results, it might take another minute (oh no! too much work!)

What happens if everyone dies during one round?
In the case that, somehow, everyone dies in one round, that round will be reset; the people who were playing that round will play another round, with another list of rooms.

In what order will effects be applied?
The effects will be applied in the following order:

  1. Room Effects
  2. Old Statuses
  3. Majority
  4. New Statuses applied

The newly acquired status will not activate during that round.

Can statuses stack?

I can’t read some of the room names and statuses in dark theme.
Too bad. Switch to Light theme.

Can I edit the OP?
Yes please. This particular host does not consider English to be one of their strengths.

Can I talk to other people in PMs?
Yes; talking to other people in PMs is not only allowed but encouraged. However, be careful - they may be lying! Feel free to talk in secrecy and leave out the host - it’s ok I won’t get mad I promise.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!


  1. Thequackmaster
  2. orangeandblack5
  3. Ari_2412
  4. gellnick
  5. brandn03
  6. Mika1820
  7. GoalkeeperBoss
  8. TheFlash
  9. Squirrel2412
  10. Mr.Mascot
  11. OroArmor
  12. quin
  13. ash4fun
  14. DeadBananas
  15. Kaitlynmm569
  16. EricH
  17. Darth_tabor
  18. Sarbar02
  19. C_MacC
  20. Litten

Have Fun!

Round 1 rooms and poll and results.
Round 2 rooms and poll and results.
Round 3 rooms

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So what did you do with Cultists lol



I nerfed cultists into oblivion by not guaranteeing the existence of a cultist room every round

My guess is that its going to be pretty much a mundane this game that gives you a cool title


I already nerfed it after I screwed it up last game

But hey you host you do you lol

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I won’t be super active on here but why the heck not?



No. Why do you want me to kill my eyes?
@mods, please delete light mode.

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But I can’t…


I guess

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More #birdalliance incoming…
What a surprise.

We don’t even make everyone on 2412 have a CD account and play in games on CD yet

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Now you can
forgot to do that


Cool. I didn’t actually want to edit anything, I just wanted to see how you do all the colors.

Good, let me replace all the hard to see colors with good dark mode colors

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I’m pretty sure the first game had a wiki as the OP

After all I didn’t give him this game’s OP lol

Also fix things like Betrayal and Illusion that look the same as other colors?

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