Mirrored Super Shifter

Does Andymark sell them? I know you can just rotate one, but it would be cool if there were actually left side and right side super shifters.

But then they would be even more expensive.

Disclaimer: I can’t look at the CAD model for the SuperShifter on this computer (I’m basing this only on photos on AM’s website), so take this with a grain of salt.

If you are using the pneumatic shifting option for the SuperShifter (this won’t work for the servo shifter/encoder mounting bracket), couldn’t you just take apart the SuperShifter, and reassemble it mirrored simply by bolting everything to the opposite side of the two face plates?

In 2008 we ran stock SSs without reassembling them, and we achieved the “mirror” by rotating one 90*. This puts a CIM up higher, so it’s a bit less efficienty CG wise, but it puts the shaft in the right spot. You’re talking a very marginal difference in CG (I want to say 2.5 lbs * the 2.5" inches it’s moved/ 150 lb total… so like .05 inches).

Going into the 2009 season, we designed around repacking SS guts into our own setup, and we did actually internally reassemble them to be perfect mirror images.

It’s possible either way, I really recommended the first option though, a lot easier.

In 2008, Team 48 ran stock SuperShifters. We did disassemble one and reassembled it mirrored to balance the layout. My memory may be iffy, but I believe it requires disassembly down to popping out the roller bearings from the side plates and repressing them on the opposite side…but I know it can be done.

we actually had mirrored super shifters, i think we had to make a plate on top of the re-stacking of the transmissions to make them work like what we wanted.

I thought this thread would be about very shiny super shifters. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have a lot of experience with the SS’s; is the weight difference so dramatic that you have to have them exactly symmetric?

Same here, I was going to suggest self-adhesive shiny mylar instead of polishing them…

Anyway, it’s less a question of center of gravity but one of having a reasonably symmetrical space for other components. This year we went nonsymmetrical and it was OK, but I can imagine other cases.