Mismatch of controller and motor?

I will be part of the beta for the Studica training robot (https://www.studica.com/frc-training-bot.html). My goal right now is to do a from scratch design of shooter mechanism for ping pong balls, that I can mount on the chassis, with the idea of using that as a training platform for two teams, in using CAD, , doing mechanical design, electrical design, and FRC/WPIlib programming in prepartion for next season.

I am trying to strike a balance between staying within the wpilib family of motor control drivers, explore CAN based wiring and PID, while at the same time, work within a smaller, lighter, lower cost physical set of actuators.

The specific question I have is about using a Spark MAX (https://www.revrobotics.com/rev-11-2158/) to drive a Pololu DC brushed motor (https://www.pololu.com/product/4757) with a built in encoder. The motor takes a 12V input, but obviously the power usage is significantly lower than your average CIM motor.

My question is, can I combine the more capable/powerful controller with the smaller guage motor without blowing something up?


Charlie Peppler

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Yes, you definitely can. The controller only provides as much current as the motor ‘asks’ for, which on a 12v system like it’s designed for, will be the same as expected.


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