miss robot chick 2003

Along with the new season comes a new slew of awards, one of which a few of us tigerbolters thought would be quite humorous was robot chick of the year. all you have to do is nominate someone that you see fitting the ideal role as miss robot chick 2003. all nominations will then be tallied and the person with the most nominations wins.

My nomination is Meli W. of team 86

P.S. please keep in mind that in no way shape or form is this thread to be taken as serious.It is simply a bit of build season fun to keep us all from burning out our brains.

i also would ahve to go with Melissa W. from team 86

Ditto in a way way so close it hurt second Maddie


Meli86 deserves it :slight_smile:

Of course, my vote goes to the one, the only meli w.

yup, I hafta agree…Melissa W. of 86

DJ Flu…


I mean Meli… hehe:yikes:

Wow…can I say I’m a bit shocked…

BTW I nominate Maddie b/c she is awesome and I love her to death.

Lol yeah go Meli86. I can definitely vouch for her.

Molly Menges from 461 :smiley:

Alex Forest from 122 :smiley:

Alex Forest of team 122 WHAT A HOTTIE W00T!!!


oh yea did i mention that team 122 is d4 l30//\l3 ?
lol, aight im going to bed…

yeah i dont know about this maddie girl sounds sort of shifty :wink: im just kidding heavy sarcasm i would never judge a person by their nick name lol
yeah so my vote goes for alex

/ME votes for Meli!!



yea, Meli W deserves it, although…I myself look good in anything…wait…female clothes?..no, maybe not…anyway


Alex from 122 is pretty, intelligent, a great cook, an international spy, a russian mafia agent, a french revolutionary, a freelance vigilante, a great lover, a part-time philsopher, a l33t h4x0r, and also keen to building robots. In the spring she makes meat helmets. I vote for her, and so should you…

(the preceeding was a paid advertisement for the alex forest for robot chick 2003 campaign.)

well, there isn’t just one, it’s obviously two!

maddie and meli, duh. anyone who’s anything knows that one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Give the man a star

I abstain.


A wise man knows when NOT to speak.