Missed 2nd FIRST Choice

My team failed to put in the request for the second round of FIRST Choice. My understanding is that there were some other components that everybody got shipped with their order. Do we miss those as well, or is there another way to get those?

I am 100% sure I was wrong enjoy.

Thankfully, I’m 100% that you did not. While you certainly missed your chance at some items that sold out during the 2nd round of Priority Lists, you can still go spend your remaining credits on available items through 04/14/16.

Your 1st order (of this 2nd round period) should come with the Analog Devices Gyro/Accel board.

You can still order of FC, it closes on 4/14. The free componentis still listed as available.

You haven’t missed anything! Go get your order in!!! PLEASE take advantage of FIRST Choice!

What you missed, is the draft to get the stuff that most teams wanted, and were in limited quantity. There are still some useful parts available, including the game piece (you can only get one though).