Missed Charging Station Call in Auto - Q43 Bayou Regional

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There was a significant officiating irregularity today that, as far as I’m aware, went unresolved in the question box. It seems like 2992 should have been awarded charging station points in auto for Q43. This definitely has affected the rankings at the top end of the event. Am I missing something? It seems obvious to me.

I was shown this as HQ’s response as to why the situation couldn’t be reconciled similarly to the retroactive South Florida card. :thinking:

I don’t have a stake in this call. I just think it’s a real shame there’s no way to reliably fix critical errors like this.


They have that as a premade printout? Did they lose the password to the blog to make that statement?


Same thing happened to us here (4728 on blue). This cost us one ranking point, which did not affect us but did make 2451 end in 5th rather than 4th. We were told that the ref making the call was not 100% sure, therefore he could not count the auto climb. A bit ridiculous that there is no replay to ensure that mistakes like this don’t happen, until they implement it, calls like this are going to continue to occur.

That looks to me like someone at the scoring table copy/pasted a message from slack into NotePad and printed it out


Yeah same thing has happened to us. Refs just shook us off with they will “try to make all the right calls in the future.” Not sure what you can really do, but hoping for some changes to match replay rules

That was balanced…no mistake. They were robbed.

Now, one thing I have noticed…at least from a red card that a team we are close to got…they rescinded it that night…after the the first day was over…and corrected the score.

We had points that we were denied on event two for us…they corrected it before we went back to the field.

In both of these cases…no apology was given to the teams publicly…that I am aware of.

I was really hoping that HQ had a teletype line set up. Seems like more their speed.


We were told by a referee at Ft Worth that the FMS knows the bridge status at any point in time and relays it to them at exactly t=3. The lights are clearly on the bridge - can the FMS not tell them that the bridge was balanced at that time? I kind of thought the scorers were just determining which robot was on.

If you look at the breakdown on TBA, it shows no robots on the charging station at all, which means human error - the button to indicate the team was on the station wasn’t pressed, so the sensors never came into play.

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They actually gave them credit the score shows engaged and +12 (30 total) and then as they move in teleop it is removed. The removal actually happens before the charge station looses balance, not after. My guess is the scorer double punched the button causing the on/off on the score. The correct scoring on that would drop Bomb Squad down to 6th and put 2992 tied in 1st.


At no point this season has HQ reviewed any video replay, nor will we per section 11.2

Ok but yall not denying the red yellow card though, what sources were used as the call was after the match had ended for a while

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It would put 2992 in second. The win and extra rp would give them 3 more putting them at 29 total in 9 matches or a 3.22 average which is still less than 4522 who is only at 28 RP but has 8 matches meaning a 3.5 average.

Assuming this is in response to South Florida, we did not get a red card we got a yellow card, which is automatically given in the penalty we were assessed to have caused in the post match discussion with what is now according to FIRST a member of HQ who was on site not a call to HQ.

Just want to keep the facts straight.

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I would like to know this too.

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Same thing happened to us at SDR. Our driver spent 20 minutes in the question box and the head ref eventually updated the score, giving us our 12 points which ended up being the deciding factor in us winning in the match

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