Missed G208 call? 10,000 lakes

At around 2:10 in this video

7028 appears to hit 2498 while 7028 is in their hanger zone during endgame. While its hard to see, if you go frame by frame you can see 2498’s bumper compress. This means that a traversal should have been awarded to 7028, but none ever was. It ended up costing the blue alliance a ranking point. While normally I would assume the ref just didn’t see it, the ref clearly reacts to the hit, it looked like he was about to raise his flag. Anyone know why it was not called?


Probably still didn’t see contact to call the G208.


That’s really close - watching in real-time, it’s not obvious that contact was made there - both robots appear to move smoothly though the sequence, both in a direction away from the hub, with not obvious jerking from impact. The blue robot was in the process of leaving the hub protected zone, and it’s not clear if the ref could tell if they had crossed the line from his angle (you can see him move over to look at the line more closely, should there be obvious contact). Personally, I like this - when it’s not a clear foul, give the benefit of the doubt to the teams and let them play. Any contact there was extremely minimal with no impact on actual game play.

If you want to slow everything down to frame by frame, you’ll probably find a lot of stuff that refs miss, at every event.


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