missed shots

The manual did not cover what is to become of any balls that may miss the intended goal durring auton. Do they become free to pick up and attempt to score with again, but without assist or trust bonuses? Also i do not remember seeing anything about if after a ball is at the end of its cycle, about to be thrown, or scored with somehow (say with 3 assist points) if the shot is missed. Can it be picked up and shot again without loss of bonuses? Any information will be helpful and appreciated

Yes. According to 3.1.2, no new balls are introduced to the field until all balls that started the match have been scored. That implies the alliance must put all 3 balls into a goal somehow (if they started on the field. A team can decide ‘their’ ball be removed from the field - see G5)

The auton stuff is still up in the air (I expect Team Update 1 to cover that). As far as a missed shot during teleop, if it goes out of bounds, it is given to the nearest human player per Section 3.1.2:

BALLS that are ejected from gameplay during a MATCH will be delivered to the closest HUMAN PLAYER of that BALL’S ALLIANCE by event staff at the next safe opportunity. This includes BALLS that go in GOALS but don’t meet the criteria to be considered SCORED.

The rule book says that assists can only be scored during a cycle. Cycles are defined as starting when a ball is retrieved from the pedestal. This means that assist points are not available on auton balls. You can, however, still score them. possibly over the truss and catch too but I haven’t looked into that rule.

What about missed shots in teleop? Can they be shot again and assist points count since the cycle doesn’t technically end until the ball is scored?

That is one of my questions aswell

Per Glossary:

and since points are awarded once per cycle

that would imply that everything remains (score wise) until a CYCLE is completed.

Also, AUTO BALLS cannot receive TRUSS and CATCH points because those are part of a CYCLE and the AUTO BALLS are not part of a CYCLE.

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Would it? By my reading, “once per cycle” could simply mean that once the truss or catch points are awarded, they won’t be awarded again until the next cycle.

Also, 3.1.4 spells out when truss and catch points are “scored” (i.e. when points are accrued), and they all refer to the point when the actual action occurs.

3.1.4 spells out the criteria for when the conditions for truss scores and catch scores are to be considered satisfied. If they’re satisfied with the Auto balls (and it seems to me that they can be in theory, though it might be physically difficult to do without incurring a penalty), then why wouldn’t they be scored?

My gut feeling - which may be completely wrong - is that they didn’t intend for there to be this distinction where Auto balls aren’t considered “part of a cycle”. I hope that this gets clarified with an update.

This game forces teams to make choices you can play it safe or take a risk and get rewarded.

I’m still not clear on what can be done with balls that have not been scored in Autonomous and remain on the field. Has this been clarified yet?

  • I assume we cannot score TRUSS and CATCH points with these.
  • I assume that we cannot get assist points with these.
  • I assume if scored, the team earns TELEOP high or low goal points for the score.
  • I know they must be scored before a team can begin the first cycle.

I saw something somewhere about a team choosing to have their auto ball removed from the field. Was this only before autonomous? Can’t imagine how you could do this after autonomous.

You have to score them and get the 1 or 10 points for the goal before you can start getting assist or truss or catch etc. points.