Missing Banners

Well, it may be a little late to be posting this now, but the absence of banners has recently become more distressing to a mentor, so here is our story.

After our season last year, we wanted to display some banners in our pit at competitions. So, either on the bus or in our crate, we had shipped the UTC and Galileo champions banners to the New Jersey regional, and we displayed them there. After that though, no one is quite sure what happened to them. We don’t know if they were packed up in our crate, pit, or with the bus, because no one can positively say they had them in our shop, or at UTC during week 3. What we do know is that they are not in our shop, we did not have them at Nationals, and they were not in the crate, which most likely places them at NJ or at UTC.

I’m just wondering if, for any reason, someone happened to pick these up or noticed them left behind at either of these regionals. Our school recently gave us permission to hang up a selection of banners in our pendulum-less pendulum area, so we specifically need to either track down our Galileo Banner, or order a new one.