Missing Battery after UTC

After unpacking our tools from the regional this weekend, team 121 noticed that we are missing one of our batteries. It is not one of the 2004 batteries but one from the previous 2 years. I believe it has the number 4 on top written with a sharpie. If we lent it to anyone, or lost it somewhere and you have found it, please let us know. Thanks for helping us out!

Good luck and have fun,


Good luck finding it… We were right next to you in the pits we haven’t completly unpacked… We will look for it… Good luck finding it Batteries are expensive :ahh:

sux dude, 1075 lost a battery at CAN last year. Since this is only our second year, we now only have 3 :frowning:

That stinks!!! I know my team borrowed a LOT of batteries (thanks) and i’ll make sure and check as soon as i can get over to the facility, although i am not sure, i can’t hurt.