Missing CAN Connector on Roborio

We lost the little white CAN connector in the upper left section of the roborio. Does anyone know how or where we can replace that part?

Appreciate your help!

Do you mean the actual weidmueler connectors are broken off? I’d reach out directly to NI for support/repair.

The part that fits inside the recess for the can connector. The contacts inside the recess are still there and we think that we can just solder the wires to their contacts. We worked with another school last year and think that the CAN connector might have gotten lost in the shuffle.

Thank you

It’s not a connector, it’s a spring loaded terminal. Soldering it together is a bad idea for several reasons. Mostly because you’re going to risk shorting the terminals together, also because you’ll run afoul of R71:

The Driver Station software, roboRIO, Power Distribution Panel, Pneumatics Control Modules, Voltage Regulator Modules, RSL, 120A breaker, motor controllers, relay modules, Wireless Bridge, and batteries shall not be tampered with, modified, or adjusted in any way (tampering includes drilling, cutting, machining, rewiring, disassembling, etc.), with the following exceptions:
M. Devices may be repaired, provided the performance and specifications of the device after the repair are identical to those before the repair.

A soldered connection there is a very questionably identical in performance and specification. I’m not saying a soldered connection there is a guaranteed fail, but it’s a guaranteed long talk with an LRI during inspection.

Andymark is the sole roboRIO supplier. Contact support and see what options they have for repairing it or otherwise helping you out.

Please don’t do this. Contact NI

Thank you. We contacted NI and they are taking care of the problem. We won’t solder anything. :o