missing compiler 2006?

Just opened up our kit, I can’t find our compiler. Is it on its own CD that was shrink-wrapped into the notebook they give us? Thats how they did it last year. We didn’t have it in there. Is it someplace weird, like hidden on another CD or does it sound like we just didn’t get ours?

The MPLab compiler is in the white Electrical Box.

I took a quick glance at the KOP list and didn’t see EasyC listed anywhere, but Dave specifically mentioned it begin included. I didn’t have time to stick around the school after dropping the KOP off, so we can look again on Monday.

Is it supposed to be inside that MPLab notebook? I just had a couple stickers in there. I couldn’t find the software anywhere inside the electrical box. Guess I’ll report to FIRST.

Good catch. I didn’t actually open the shrinkwrapped thingie that said MPLab Compiler. I was looking for EasyC so I could learn it and teach the programming team on Monday. We may not have MPLab either. Oh well, nothing to be done until Monday, I guess.

On the IFI website it says that C18 is not included with the IFI controller. I am assuming that this is because Microchip has just changed its liscencing rules. There is now an “educational” version of C18 available from their website. HOWEVER, be very careful, I do not believe that IFI has updated the libraries to C18 ver 3.xx, as such, you need to download the ver 2.4 compiler from www.microchip.com.

>>Can someone from IFI please confirm/deny the 2.4x requirement<<

When we opened our box, we also were looking for EasyC. We found MPLAB and the C18 compiler CD, which we will use eventually. But there was no trace of the EasyC software. It is not even on the list! From the webcast, I expected it to be readily included with every box, as our friend Dave implied. Is there some extra package that has to be ordered?

I can confirm that the MPLAB cd was in the notebook, as usual. There was no update in the compiler from last year, so if you have that, you can get the latest version of MPLab, and use the compiler with it. The only other thing on the CD aside from the docs was IFI Loader, which you can get, amazingly enough from IFI.

We did get the MPLAB kit, but no Easy-C either. We searched through everything, but no luck. I guess we do have some questions for FIRST and IFI after all.

A graphical user interface (GUI) programming tool has been developed by intelitek and customized for the 2006 FIRST Robotics Competition. easyCTM Robotics Design System is a GUI programming tool that can be downloaded by 2006 FRC teams at www.intelitekdownloads.com/FRC2006. This software, which includes code for sensors contained in the 2006 Kit of Parts, can be used to create, debug, compile and upload code to the FRC Robot Controller. Technical support for this software is available at www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=153 and this page should be monitored for updates to the default program during the 2006 FRC season. Intelitek is providing one license of easyC free to all teams with the opportunity to purchase additional seats. Teams will receive an email from intelitek with their license key for downloading the software on Monday January 09, 2006. The software will be available for download at 12:00 EST. that day.


EasyC is not in the kit of parts, you have to download it. Please check the EasyC forum to get info. All of the teams should have received an e-mail by now with information on how to download and install EasyC for FRC.

Good Luck Everyone! :smiley:

Heh, i didn’t even notice it was missing. The concept of using a GUI to write code just seemed a little lame to me.