Missing district rankings for fIM

https://frc-events.firstinspires.org/2023/district/FIM seems to be dead, but all the other districts are functional. See FRC Event Web : 2023 Season District List (firstinspires.org). Anyone know the details?

The official page was there a few days ago without any teams; now there is no page. Probably just another example of the stellar IT department of FIRST robotics.

Meanwhile, 2023 FIRST Robotics FIRST In Michigan District - The Blue Alliance is correct completely worthless.

Correct is a strong way to put it. TBA appears to still be missing playoff performance points for anything other than finals. But, the page does at leadt exist and have mostly up-to-date information.

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I expect they’ll get it all sorted out next week, Last week only individual event pages had any data and now some of the district wide rankings are up and doing live updates.

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Playoff points assignment appears to be correct for Kettering #2, at least for the 4th and 3rd place alliances. The event isn’t finished yet, so nothing for our two finalists yet.

However, the week 1 Jackson event is still bugged out, with only finals points.

Edit: looks like this is consistent across week 1 vs. week 2 events

Looks like it’s been updated, but needs some retroactive help

Incorrect. A closer look at both PNW and MAR shows that only this week’s events are being counted. Any teams what did an event week 1 all say “not played”, regardless of if they are competing this weekend (which only shows their 2nd event’s points instead of their first event)

By functional, I mean the page loads…

Our team has been having the same problem. All of the qual and alliance selection points were added up, but not our finals points on TBA. We have just been using our scouters data to determine where we sre truly placing in FIM. Whats truly interesting is that we were week 1 and tba hasnt updated our points, but week 2 data for lansing is all in. Does anyone know if TBA is in the process of fixing this…? We thought it would be fixed earlier but its been a week…

My guess is that the formula for calculating playoff performance district points has been fixed, but after an event is over and no more finals updates are left to be made, TBA stops calculating district points from scratch, and instead looks up the already-calculated values. This is consistent with the “symptoms” we’re seeing, and I would generally consider that archetecture good code design. However, it does cause issues in this case, which can probably be fixed with some sort of reset to a few columns of some database.

Side node:

The official event results have the correct district point tally, but the adjoining rankings page appears to be broken.

Ah ok got it thank you, that makes sense

See here, I made a sheet too:

About to update for week 2 (although there is still one event going on tomorrow (Wayne State))