Missing Equipments

:ahh: Our team just opened and checked the kits that we were given, and we’ve found a ton of missing equipment IE:Spaces, some of the breaker equipments, etc… I was just wondering if anyone too are missing a bunch of stuff in your kit, or is this just something FIRST sent out with missing components on purpose and are gonna ship out the rest later…

I think it’s a coincidence I won’t check my kit until tommorow, but you should contact first A.S.A.P.

i was missing almost ALL of the spacers. im not worried too much though, lol, there not wirth the tima and evergy needed to replace. Last year, though, we were missing all of our breaker panels and fuses. Took a week or so to get them.


lol did anyone else get 2 right handed joysticks?

I don’t know what you mean. In the past they have given us two identical joysticks that were not biased towards one hand or the other. Perhaps theyve changed them this year and fouled up? Since we’re a veteran team, I have no clue.
[edit] I see you are on a veteran team as well. You shouldnt have received any joysticks, should you?

You should have recieved new joysticks this year since they have changed the style of flight stick that we use. We as well recieved two right handed flight sticks, so i dont know. Maybe it was purposefull or maybe like it was said earlier, it was a mix up. I guess we will know in due time.