Missing files

I recently did a system restore on my computer, and for some reason all the inventor files are erased. I can’t open files or make new ones. it’s missing textures, tutorial files, all catalog files, and background files. Is there any way that i can get these files back without8t re-installing it, i don’t think my team as any licenses left.

Try restoring to a later date?

I tried rolling back the restoration, but still nothing :confused:

You may just have to reinstall the program. Once files are deleted, they’re hard to get back. Unless they’re sitting in the recycling bin, I don’t know what to tell you.

I had the same thing occur on my home computer and the only way that I could solve the problem was to reinstall. you might be able to use the same licence on that computer if you have to.

If you call AutoDesk customer service and explain your situation, they’ll probably be willing to work out the liscensing problems.

autodesk is normally very willing to help with problems such as these, give them a ring, the catch is you need to sign up for their support program in which there is a monthly fee. but you can call your local autodesk retailer for free, the number for it can be found here Autodesk Local Retailer locater

thaqniks guys!! i’m going to get the software tomorrow, i think if i reinstall the program it will use the existing license. If that doesn’t work i’ll definatly give autodesk a call.

JUst for the future, always mail in for the liscence information. THat way you always have it in your hands. If you do it ovwer the internet you never will know the right codes. Then you can put it on one than one computer (haowever probably not a very good idea since you’re not supposed to do that).