Missing FIRST Alumni


With sadness and concern in our hearts, we must relay news of a missing member of our FIRST family. Riley Branstrom, an alumni of FRC Team 1089 was last seen in Freehold, NJ on Monday, May 6th. If you have any information about Riley, please call the number above or the East Windsor Police Department at (609) 448-5678.

Riley is one of those people that brings life and happiness into the room when he walks in. He’s a well-known volunteer in NJ FTC and a scorekeeper for NYC FTC events. On our team he both designed t-shirts and buttons and was a member of our drive team. At FRC competitions you can always find him in a silver sequin fedora with a knit lobster attached and a fake mustache. He’s a great designer, a wonderful collaborator, and was a huge asset to our FIRST Robotics team for many years.

All we can hope for is that Riley is safe and will be home with his family and friends again soon.

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Please spread the word and help us find our friend!

On behalf of FRC Team 1676, we will certainly share this on our social media accounts and with all of our members, families, and alumni. Our most sincere thoughts and prayers go out to FRC Team 1089, their community, and Riley’s friends and family. We hope Riley is found safe soon, and will do everything we can to help out. Please let us know if there is any more we can do.

On the behalf of team 3309 our thoughts and prayers go out to Riley’s family and team 1089. I will pray for his safe return.

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My thoughts and prayers go out to team 1089. I’ll be praying for Riley’s safe return.


I have shared this with my team and everyone I know. I didn’t know his name but I recognized him by his picture. On behalf of 3314 and the Montclair Society of Engineers, we are keeping him and his family in our thoughts and prayers.

I have posted the information on my Facebook page and have encouraged others to do so. This week with the rescue of the young women, we have seen on the news how everyday people can be critical in the process of finding missing individuals. The FIRST community can make a difference. I hope he is found soon!

Thoughts and prayers to you and for him.

I absolutely hate when this sort of things happen. I wish I could do more, but I’m pretty powerless living in MN and not being on any of those social networks. :frowning:

Let’s hope he’s found safe and unharmed soon.

FB and Twitter posted in Southern Lousiana

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It is with a deep regret that we must share the news of Riley’s passing. http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1274027