Missing FRC action? Take part in upcoming live SRC events!

SECOND Robotics Competition 2021 Season

With just over a week until kickoff, get back into the swing of FRC excitement by participating in simulated Infinite Recharge competitions!

Checkout the xRC Simulator, an entertaining physics-based simulation of FIRST robotics games!

SRC Rookie Event -- January 2, 2021

Have you been craving the FRC event experience? Maybe you been looking to take part in an SRC event for some time, but never took the leap? Look no further than the SRC Rookie Event!

SRC events are full virtual recreations of everything you love about FRC events. Featuring qualification matches, alliance selections, elimination playoffs, and even virtual blue banners!

There are three different robots that you can choose to play as, including those that are modeled from 125 NUTRONs and 2481 Roboteers. Play Infinite Recharge with long-shot shooting, turret shooting, realistic foul rules, and ranking points. You can even get a chance to spin the control panel!

For the SRC Rookie Event, only “rookies” that are new to SRC are allowed to compete. A player is considered a rookie if they meet any of the following thresholds: have not played in SRC in the past 6 months, have under 100 official SRC matches played, or have only been in the bottom 2 divisions of any previous SRC Ladder season.

The SRC Rookie Event will take place Saturday, January 2 at 1:00pm Eastern / 10:00am Pacific. Streamed live on FirstUpdatesNow Twitch!

SRC January 2021 District Season

Starting in late January we will be hosting events for SRC with the new ruleset! Each player will play in two events, earning district points for each play in an attempt to qualify for the championship event. Anyone can play! Events will be scheduled weekly, with the first event starting on January 30th. Exact championship date/number of events will be determined based on the number of registrants. Events will be hosted weekly on Saturday afternoons, and total number of weeks will be determined after signups close.

Event Selection

Once signups are confirmed event registration will follow a similar system to real FRC events, where you will submit a priority list of events you are registering for.

Priority List 1: Due January 16th
Priority List 2: Due January 23rd
Signups Due January 29th

Checkout our YouTube trailer and YouTube channel if you want to see some past SRC action!


Thanks to everyone that competed in the SRC Rookie Event today!

There is still time to register for the SRC District Season this month: https://forms.gle/6p3v9N71kMkKoYA69

Also, this is our xRC Sim Year in Review video, which just premiered on the FIRST Indiana Robotics Friends with Robots Kickoff Special!


We have around 30 signups already! If you are interested in getting the closest thing to full competition event experiences make sure to sign up!


This is pretty cool, I hope a bunch of people sign up so we can have big competitions!


These competitions are a lot of fun are have a lot of the same elements as real FRC events. Quals, match strategy, alliance selection, elims, it’s all there. Would definitely recommend trying it out if you are at all interested.


SRC January 2021 District Season

Here is the form for Event 1 Priority list. Rank each of the available events from highest to lowest. Currently events will be capped out at 18 players per event, but will get larger after more signups are confirmed. The events will be hosted at a variety of times to try to accommodate multiple players schedules. The deadline for priority list one has been extended to January 18th at noon ET.

Event Schedule

Event 1: January 30th 1-6PM ET
Event 2: February 6th 3-9PM ET
Event 3: February 13th 6-11PM ET

PRIORITY LIST SUBMISSIONS: https://forms.gle/CxNw6fFxjar6dc4k8

You can still register for the season!

REGISTER NOW: https://forms.gle/6p3v9N71kMkKoYA69


The SRC Volt Regional took place this past Saturday, and it was a blast! We have three more regionals plus a championship planned for the upcoming weeks! Don’t miss the SRC Ampere Regional taking place this Saturday at 3pm Eastern: it will be livestreamed on Twitch.tv/SecondRobotics.

Visit our website to see the event rosters and more information, plus info on how to join our community: SecondRobotics.org

Checkout the VOD of the Volt Regional to see what took place last weekend:

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