Missing FRC LabVIEW 2012 USB stick

Hi there, team 3316 writing.
We’re searching all over our working area here and can’t seem to find the USB stick that came last year with the KOP.
Does anyone have a link to a backup of the installer?

Any help is highly appriciated.

Your easiest option is probably to borrow one from a nearby team.

Please note the the usb sticks contents are huge an iso file of them is probably even to large to email

I got PM’ed with a link so we’re all good. Thanks for all the help guys! :slight_smile:

Can I please get a link for that?

Our team has lost our usb stick so currently we don’t have a computer with working labview. The new season is just around the corner but there’s still a few weeks left to so can someone please provide me with a link of the iso?