Missing IFI Wheels

Has IFI/VEXPro stopped selling their IFI wheels? I used to be able to find them on this page, but they seem to be missing now. If you go to this webpage and click “Traction Wheels,” it leads to a dead link. We just purchased some wheels recently. What gives?

Theyre on the ifi’s front page but the link won’t work. http://www.ifirobotics.com/

I used to love these wheels, but after a while they have become more of a pain than anything. Trying to find lost bolts for them, reassembling them, and stripping the bolts so many times made me really dislike them. I would just ho with something simple from andymark or sonething.

We have our own laser cut and then rivet them.

I think its a problem with the website, because very few of the links work. (Motor controllers doesn’t work either, for example)

The Vex twitter account did send out a tweet earlier that indicated they were having issues with the site.

The http://ifirobotics.com website is no longer maintained, I believe.

I’m sure it’s just a temporary product restructuring, or something…

Maybe it’s VEXpro related…


IFI wheels are the next game piece, maybe? Joking aside, it’s not a recent change; I tutored to order some a month ago and got a broken link as well. Ended up buying AM performance wheels and McMaster tread